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Free warranty regulations

Products that comply with the warranty scope of the warranty card,according to the warranty card, the nationwide warranty is free of charge;Non - China purchase products provide paid maintenance services.

The following situations are not covered by the free warranty:

1)Damage caused by the cause of transport

2)Failure due to the unauthorized disassembly of the machine

3)The use of the environment does not meet the requirements of the product

4)Other failures that are covered by the warranty card are not covered by the free warranty

Guarantee period

Host a year free warranty, maintenance for life

Consumables accessories free warranty for 3 months life maintenance


1)Maintenance mode: maintenance take the way of repair,the user or agent sends the product to or by post to the nearest repair service,the related expenses such as transportation and so on shall be borne by the user and the maintenance center respectively;If the user has special requirements, the maintenance personnel shall be required to carry out on-site maintenance,the relevant transportation and accommodation expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

2)Maintenance time limit: the maintenance time is one working day,after received the user's request for repairing service Should be completed within one working day of fault equipment maintenance work.

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