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DVL electron blockbuster debut in 2017 CMEF , High - end products show enterprise strength


May 15th,The 77th (CMEF)(spring)of the curtain was opened in the national Convention and exhibition center.The most advanced medical device core manufacturer in China, Shanghai,to celebrate the opening of the event in terms of the number of products from previous expos and the number of participants.

The first day of the exhibition,our company pavilion is  tidy, exhibition products are neatly displayed, attracting countless visitors to stay and consult.Mobile integrated intelligent minimally invasive platform and VR glasses, such as attracted a wide range of people to experience,at the same time, mobile integrated smart cavity mirror center、minimally invasive and standardized training cavity mirror center,and mobile minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment equipment, and so on.with its unique technology and convenient operation mode, a large number of merchants are concerned.

The time of this exhibition is may 15th--18th,Hefei DVL Electron CO.,Ltd.Will wait for you to come to the live view exhibition at  No.126 in H1 pavilion.

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