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Preview of exhibition—The CMEF (Spring)2017

May 15th---18th in 2017,The CMEF (Spring)2017 will be held at the Shanghai national Convention and exhibition center.The exposition product technology、service innovation and trade academic exchange、 education and learning is a whole,it is an integrated service platform covering the whole industrial chain of medical devices in the Asia - Pacific region.The exhibition covers tens of thousands of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis of mobile medical services, and so on,directly and comprehensively services in the medical equipment industry from the source to the entire medical industry chain.At that time, you will welcome you to the Expo site, DVL, and you meet in Shanghai.

The booth of Hefei DVL Electron Co.,Ltd.  is located in H1 No.126.the details are as follows:

In this expo,DVL will display the mobile integrated intelligent cavity mirror center minimally invasive standardized training cavity mirror center,Mobile minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment equipment and so on,at the same time, our company independent research and development of mobile integrated intelligent minimally invasive platform will also be unveiled in this exhibition.

Traffic route

track traffic:Metro line 2, sujing east station,exit 4、5、6


1、Yanan elevated road、the high speed of  the  southern outer ring,minjia elevated road--jianhong elevated road --yinggang east road --zhuguang road(National   exhibition and  convention center west door);beizhai elevated road 、the high speed of the southern outer ring,minjia elevated -songze elevated road --under panlong road circuit--longlian road --zhuguang road (National  exhibition and convention center west door).
2、Grond-level road:beizhai road/tianshan west road/xianxia western outer ring,shenchang road or huaxiang road -songze road-zhuguang road (National  exhibition and Convention  center west door);yanan road direction,yanan west-road -huqinping road -zhuguang road (National  exhibition and  convention  center west door ).Taxi arrive from the zhuguang road west entrance pass NO.20 door to the special driveway outside the north lounge,no-load taxi  pass NO.18 door enter  the venue designated area for storage vehicle.


1、Intra - Convention configurate 4000 car voids(Pavilion area 3000、Supporting area 1000)
2、Four auxiliary parking and transfer facilities are provided on the periphery,set 7000 car voids

3、Adjacent to the establishment of a comprehensive parking lot,set 800 bus voids、2000car voids

freight train A distric take turns to wait

freight train B distric take turns to wait
interior packing,4000 voids
number 1 packing,1500 voids
number 2 packing,1500 voids
number 3 packing,2000 voids
number 4 packing,2000 voids

number 5 packing,2000 voids,800 bus voids

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