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Mobile remote teaching of HDMS-M cavity mirror

Product parameters

Endoscopic consultation is no longer a long journey

The minimally invasive meeting is no longer a long journey

Product details

Based on APP mobile Inter services,so that experts are not limited to the practice of space,time,services in the majority  of primary doctors,so that patients enjoy the local expert services, really help the implementation of hierachical treatment;

Construction of specialized endoscopy training center, will be trainees to create a step by step, standardized endoscopy training environment,let it enjoy immersive endoscopy diagnosis and treatment,quickly grasp and enhance the skills of endoscopic treatment.

Let the experts of the minimally invasive endoscopic surgery video transmission to the primary level of mobile students to provide teaching services,and access to credits.

Let the primary physician's minimally invasive endoscopic surgery need help in the case of the endoscope, field video synchronization sent to the mobile side, and two-way audio and video interaction to ensure the safety of surgery.

Can be connected with various brands of minimally invasive endoscopic mirror,let the primary physician to get the power to continue to improve business skills.

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